CSTA Opinion

CSTA Trading Issues Committee

Mandate: The CSTA Trading Issues Committee (TIC) is tasked with reviewing and preparing commentary for regulatory bodies on any market structure issues that arise in Canada on an ad hoc basis. The views that are expressed by the CSTA Trade Issues Committee are unique since they represent the general views of Equity Traders as a group. The members of the CSTA Trade Issues Committee are asked to actively participate in expressing their views when presented with market structure issues that are relevant to their knowledge base and/or skill set.

Important Disclaimers: This Committee has an approximately equal number of buy-side and sell-side representatives with various areas of market structure expertise. The Committee can also include independent members. The opinions and statements provided by the CSTA Trade Issues Committee do not reflect the opinions of all CSTA members or the opinion of all members of the CSTA Trading Issues Committee (including the Chair(s)).


CSTA Trading Issues Committee Members


TIC Chair
Alex Perel

TIC Chair
Kelly Reynolds


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