21stAvenue Partners

21st Avenue Partners will pilot a program for the CSTA which addresses the identified member career needs to assess the value of a longterm offering. The CSTA will facilitate career strategy and on-going career development for its members as they begin their careers and also as they advance towards their inevitable exit from the capital markets or move from Sell-side to Buy-side opportunities. The career strategy service for members will also facilitate the return of members to full or part-time careers after an absence for any reason.  This will better equip members to:

  1. Develop and market their unique skills, knowledge and experience
  2. Build valuable relationships with key industry influencers
  3. Create and attract opportunity for themselves

A CSTA member will be entitled, at no personal cost, to receive in a membership year, upto three(3) hours of personal access to all 21st Avenue Partner career strategy offerings/resources. 

Contact information:

21st Avenue Partners
Suite 1500-67 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON Canada M5E 1J8
Tel: 416.621.1450