Recovery Program

The CSTA is a proud supporter of Cornerstone Recovery, a charitable society of recovered addicts who offer assistance to others suffering from addiction.  Cornerstone and its professional counsellors offer a strictly confidential and unique service to those who may need assistance with substance abuse issues. They are in a position to respond to requests for service quickly and discreetly. A simple call or email will enable someone to access the service, and appointments can be set up in office or at another location that suits client needs. They’re available 24/7, every day of the year.  The CSTA has become an industry leader offering assistance to those in need of the services offered by Cornerstone. Together we have made the process for acquiring help quick, easy and above all confidential. Cornerstone has a multitude of services and resources available to clients. For more information, please see the attached brochure or contact Cornerstone and they will be happy to assist.

Peter Brewitt (905) 751-3491

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Cornerstone Recovery Program

Cornerstone Recovery Program

Cornerstone program and offerings. Peter Brewitt (905) 751-3491 [email protected]