VSTA (Vancouver)

The Vancouver Security Traders Association Inc. (VSTA) is a non-profit organization which, pursuant to the provisions of the Society Act, was incorporated on November 14, 1986 to serve as a voice, and community, for security traders in Vancouver.

The VSTA is presently comprised of approximately 60 equity traders (“members”) and is represented by a four person Board of Directors.

The purpose of the VSTA is to create a common voice that promotes the interest of our members; provides an arena for professional and social interaction; keeps members informed of pending industry rules, regulations and trends; and provides support to the efforts of the Canadian Security Traders Association (CSTA).

We host several social events each year including; Charity Poker Tournament, Spring/Summer Social, Fall Bash and the AGM which is held over lunch just before the December Holidays. In addition the VSTA co-ordinates with its parent organization the CSTA to offer educational opportunities, CE accredited seminars, and participates in discussions with regulators in advancing market structure.

The VSTA is also committed to recruitment and promotion of the industry through various scholarship programs and educational opportunities for institutes in the Vancouver Area.

We encourage your participation in the Association and welcome any suggestions or questions you may have.

VSTA Board 2021

Vancouver Security Traders Association

Calvin Buchanan
PI Financial Corp.
666 Burrard Street, 19th Floor
Vancouver , BC V6C 3N1

e-mail: cbuchanan@pifinancial.com
Past President
Joe Tibble
Phillips, Hager & North Investment Services
200 Burrard Street, 20th Floor
Vancouver , BC V6C 3N5

e-mail: jtibble@phn.com
Vice President
Osman Awan
CCL Group

e-mail: oawan@cclgroup.com
Gaven Humphrey
Canaccord Genuity Corp.

e-mail: ghumphrey@cgf.com