FINRA’s Finest: A Worthy Tribute to Tom Gira

July 17, 2020

FINRA’s Finest: A Worthy Tribute to Tom Gira

Yesterday FINRA President Robert Cook, along with FINRA colleagues, industry leaders and family members honored Tom Gira, FINRA Executive Vice President, Market Regulation and Transparency Services. Tom passed away unexpectedly on June 20, 2020. The tribute, which was held virtually, was filled with genuine expressions of fondness and respect for Tom and concluded with a momentous gesture that ensures Tom’s legacy will live on. It was abundantly clear that the entire FINRA family has lost not only an honorable colleague and natural leader, but a dear friend and role model as well.

Tom’s many contributions to the securities industry were fueled primarily by his strong conviction in FINRA’s mission statement to protect individual investors and his ability to foster a positive and productive culture within the regulator. Our industry has lost one of its finest and while Tom will be deeply missed, he will be not forgotten by those who had the privilege of knowing him personally and professionally.

Tom always expressed feeling a bond with STA. In fact, he remained one of a handful of regulators who knew the English translation of STA’s motto, Dictum Meum Pactum, which means my word is my bond. Tom’s affinity was not forged through mottos, though, but rather the relationships he developed with scores of past STA Chairs and Governors. Each individual relationship was unique and in combination they made up Tom’s impression of us, and us of him. To STA, Tom was accessible, kind, collaborative, graceful under pressure and steadfast. He was proud of the work he did, a good citizen. And he had the ability to inspire the rest of us to be good citizens as well. For this, and so many other reasons, he has our eternal gratitude.  

To Tom’s colleagues, we wish you the grace and strength to move forward without his physical presence and to continue serving the FINRA mission well. 

To Tom’s wife Lori, and his children Ellen and Brad, we offer our sincere condolences. We thank you for sharing him with us. Be assured that Tom was well respected across this industry, and his work made a positive impact on the lives of Main Street investors across our nation.

His sudden departure from this life has left many of us within the STA community stunned and saddened. We admire you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts about Tom in such a public way during this incredibly difficult time. It is obvious that the passion Tom brought to his work rightfully pales in comparison to the passion he brought to his family and to his faith.

Rest in peace, Tom Gira.

With warm thoughts & prayers,

STA Past & Current Governors and Member